House Cat Behavior: How do cats find their way home?

Cats are known to be extremely smart to want to know it or not. Everyone knows that cats are amazing capabilities include being able to walk on the surface of small, run fast and land on their feet when it rains. However, one of the most incredible capabilities of the symptoms is not known, it is almost a hidden sixth sense for them. This additional sense of a cat homing ability. Similar birds, cats have homing abilities that will help them find their way home, no more than 3 miles. How is it possible?

Cats homing ability is attributed to the amazing sense of smell, sharp vision, and internal compass.


When observing cat eyes, you may find that the students are extremely active. The cat's pupils can range from a very small and thin to really big and wide. When the pupils dilated very large cat is able to see a bigger picture of their environment. The fact that such a large part of the area, the cats are able to make a mental map of where they are. This allows the cat friends to keep track of the areas that they had previously, which will help you to find your way home.


Cats are very sensitive nose and I have a sense of smell, which is 14 times larger than a human's sense of smell. In addition, cats are unable to leave their fragrance of various items against rubbing or touching them on the legs. Different areas will indicate the cat's body can release pheromones territorial scent of various surfaces. With the help of both pheromones and strong nose, cats are able to smell, which earlier in order to follow the way home.

Internal Compass

The cat's internal compass respond to different magnetic fields of the earth's surface. Because I noticed a change in the magnetic fields during their trip, the dogs are able to detect the direction it came from, and follow the road back home. In addition, as the people who use the angle of the sun to map the location, the cats are able to locate the exact position of the angle of the sun as a leader.

these three incredible sense cats are generally able to find his way home. This incredible homing ability can be comforting for a pet owner to have recently lost their feline friend; However, not all cats are able to find his way home. For this reason, you should always be on the lookout if your feline friend has just disappeared.

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The hamsters as pets – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

If at this point in your life where you are considering a pet, either for yourself or your child, you may want to hamsters as pets.


The hamster is a very small animal that should not be a big change in your life. If you are short of time, you will find this furry addition to the family is a nocturnal animal, so you will not experience separation anxiety when you are away all day.

If you hate the thought of leaving the animal alone for a long time, you may want to explore the dwarf hamsters as you may have more than one of them in a cage together. You will want to be careful about mixing males and females, unless you want to raise hamsters himself.

hamsters as pets are usually silent friend to get around. They make noise, however. They squeak when excited or afraid to chew on the cage when the desire for attention and cry when upset. However, the small amount of noise is not nothing you can complain about the neighbors.

These furry critters can groom themselves. This is a great advantage if you simply do not have time for a lot of swimming and brushing. You can help them to keep themselves when lightly brush in excellent condition, but you want to be sure to use a very soft brush so you do not irritate the skin.


If you have an aversion to rodents, this may not be the pet for you. They resemble a rat, if it is found to run around in the dark. However, if you hold them, cuddle them and that perception will go.

You have to potty train a hamster. This is useful for keeping the sheets clean and fragrant good. All you have to do is choose a place for him to use the potty and some urine and faeces, which will then cover with litter. Place your pet in the same spot when he wakes up, and he will soon learn that the place to go.

The Ugly

The hamster is a very short-lived animals. They usually live 2-3 years if well cared for can really live for four years. This is a difficult task if you do not deal well with the loss of their pets.

This can be good or bad, if you have children. Not bad, to help the child adjust to the loss of a pet. However, this may be one way to help your child understand that pets and people can not live forever. This is a hard lesson, but perhaps better learned a beloved pet, like a relative.

As you can see the advantages of hamsters pets far outweigh the disadvantages. If you are considering a pet never neglect looking at the smaller breeds.

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Do changes in barometric pressure affect your dog?


Atmospheric pressure is measured in the atmosphere more of a barometer. This pressure peaks and troughs, so that changes in the weather. High pressure greater than the surrounding pressure. It couples a clear, cloudless skies and drier air. A low pressure pressure lower than the surrounding pressure. Louis pair of wind, atmospheric lifts, warm air, clouds, humidity, rain, thunderstorms, tropical storms, cyclones, and / or a tornado.

Studies in humans have shown differences in air pressure causes many physical, emotional, and behavioral changes. These include, headaches, mood changes, and greater complaints of pain. Perhaps you or someone you know says they can not predict the weather better than the weatherman, simply because you feel changes in your body or your mood.

So, how can these atmospheric changes affect the dog? Science is not quite sure. However, dog owners, especially the hunters, and the smell of dogs as companion dogs, spotted than the atmospheric pressure decreases, the change of their dogs to follow. It is considered based on the observation that animals changed to follow a scent to compensate for changes in the way scents travel.

It has been observed that the dog tends to keep their heads higher, drier air, catch smells like when the barometric pressure is higher. If this is exceptionally wide, these dogs have a harder time a scent; probably because the direction is changed to the scent. When the barometer falls and the wind subsides, indicating low was moving, the dogs tend to keep their heads low to the ground when the next one scent.

There are some clever owners, especially those who knit and caring people who have reported they have warned will change the weather, watching the physical and behavioral changes in dogs. These include restlessness, panting, trembling, whining and drooling. A number of them find an animal to hide; others find exceptionally need to be close to them to the dog.

There are joint owners of dogs who allege their pets often they appear rigid and more difficult to get up or walk, when the atmospheric pressure is low. They may be correct. Why can not the dogs feel the additional pressure on the joints than we do?

The bottom line – if you're aware of the changes in the dog, it's fantastic! If not, perhaps now they pay more attention, because you'll know what to look for. Your dog is trying to tell you something, the only way they know.

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Why So Much Love Cats Kids

Many children who want to have a dog for a pet. Maybe the kids are who have the desire to be one. If you are wondering why the kids love cats so much to offer some insight into the reasons below.

cats to have fun. Surely you've seen a cat scamper across the tops of furniture, climb up walls and jump down from above and land on his right leg. For us who are grown, these behaviors are annoying. We wish that the animal is able to stop behaving this way and stay out of the way. Children, on the other hand, these behaviors to be funny. They sit and watch in amazement and laugh heartily. The kids can enjoy the game are the cats like to download, and they love to teach them to do tricks. When these animals entertain these kids, you stay out of the hair of adults, and there is something to do during the boring times.

nice to cuddle the cats. The cause of this situation is as felines are nothing but large, warm fur balls. If you buy your child a cat who likes to be held, he or she will cuddle your young one for hours. The young man enjoy the companionship, while homework and know your pet to keep him company while sleeping at night. If your child something soothing to sleep, he will not be scared and feel the need to climb into bed to bother you while you are sleeping or taking a little time for yourself.

Cats offered the children a lot of love. When a child feels sad cat climbs into his lap and stay there until she feels better. There have been cases where the cat has been known to wrap his feet around his owner's neck and hug him. If your child has been experiencing this while sad, it means a lot to him.

Kids love cats because they do not require a lot of work to take care of them. All the kids have to do is clean out the litter box, food and water, and make sure the animal is still safe. You do not need to walk a dog, take out to go to the bathroom or bathe.

If you get a boy cat for your child, you will want to get it fixed. If not, you feel the need to mark their territory. The male cat urinating all over the furniture, clothes and other small items. As the smell of cat urine, you do not want that to happen. You also need to declawed animal, be it a man or a woman. If not, curtains torn up, gets scratched furniture and pet ruining things around the house, because she will feel the need to separate objects scratching posts. If these precautions, your child will enjoy his pet and your house stays clean and tidy.

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Dogs of the Tibetan Buddhism and the Buddhist monasteries

Among the first animal in the world, this is a faithful dog that evokes the most positive emotions of the people. As pack animals, dogs known for their loyalty and allegiance to their masters. These animals also proves that a faithful companion when hard times. As such, there is a bond that grows between man and dog, to expand into a multitude of cultures. This is what gives way to the symbolism of the dogs of Tibetan Buddhism. In this mode, Buddhism, however, the dogs will rise far beyond simple pets. Instead, in many aspects of religious symbolism. That's why the pictures of the dogs of Tibetan Buddhism deserves closer examination. Such a discovery will reveal a lot of little hidden symbolism they represent four-legged creatures.

One of the most common questions people ponder the notion of what it means to be a human being. The answer to each circuit will spread to Tibetan Buddhism "What does it mean to have a dog?" Such a conundrum absolutely taken aback by people because of philosophical and humanistic raises a number of interesting points. In particular, it shows that the answer to how is that any type of creature is not easy to arrive at. An extension of this symbolic koan, many Tibetan monks have taken to become breeders and caretakers dogs. They will integrate the care of the dog for a daily spiritual practice. This allows them to look at the animals. They can compare the animals and the people who care about them. This opens the way for a deeper understanding of the human condition and human nature. Or at least that is the common perspective ….

However, to call the process in which the monks will raise a mere breeding dogs would devalue the high efficiency to perform their duties. The process is more than just breeding the dogs and find them homes. It is also raising the dogs, and to be more in line with the needs of the animals. Dogs, of course, who will communicate differently than men do. As such, it is necessary that the Tibetan monks to pay special attention to your dog's body language, behavior and actions. This increases the ability to effectively train your dog can be proved. It also increases the potential to understand human behavior in the process.

Due to pay close attention to your dog's behavior and communication, the monks develop a sense of being in tune creatures reactions. This makes them more aware of other people and such capabilities will definitely increase your potential to work, live and exist with others. This can lead to a harmonious life that can improve the quality of human life to a great extent.

This outcome resulting from a lifetime of developing intuitive skills caring for loved dogs. Such skills are incorporated into many other areas, and life, and this is certainly a good thing. So, you might consider a dog breeding of Tibetan monks, a gateway to your soul. In many ways, it is an integration of all living beings, because we need it to be harmonious and co-exist side by side. If not, then it will be next to impossible for anyone to live a life that was worth living. It would be better to live in conflict with others, which certainly does not mean that useful. The concept of breeding Tibetan monasteries plays a big role in this regard.

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What is different from other animals Cats

There are many differences between cats and other animals. All felines, the big wild cats of small domestic cats, are common. Scientists claim that the cat species evolved about 40 million years ago an animal similar to a weasel. To make a comparison, human erectus, the first human being developed about 1, 8 million years ago.

The first domesticated cats are attributed to early Egyptian people lived in the Upper Egyptian Nile area. These were the first domestic cats because they were persecuted and killed small rodents and snakes. These animals are permanently damaged by pests of grain, which is the main food source for Egyptians. Cat was an effective way to deal with these pests, so people keep them around.

Just as people know each other and the cats and the fear of missing a stronger and closer relationship between them developed. The Egyptian people are amazed cat agility, physical and hunting skills. On the other side, the cats enjoyed a safe haven and got food for the people. In addition, the Egyptians impressed with the cat's ability to see when it's dark, and the flexibility to escape danger. Cats' typical indifferent attitude also contributed to the increased status.

The high position allowed to travel up and down the Nile grain ships. Their presence on ships to ensure the protection of cereal animals like mice, rats and other small rodents. in such favorable conditions, cats multiplied and spread thought the whole Nile region.

cats skills and values ​​allowed them to be raised as high as the royal members. Soon it became illegal damage and kill the cats. Egyptian people are starting to cats Mau as this word is similar to the meow sound. Later this name was replaced by the word Urch. the Cat goddess known as Pasha (similar to tigers and pussy) will soon set up and Egyptians worshiped. the modern names for cats that are used today have evolved to the old Egyptian names.

Romans continued domestication of cats, because they are also valuable skills to hunt for felines. This allowed the cats to spread throughout the Roman Empire. Fall of Rome marked the beginning of a very difficult time for felines. Cats, especially black and also was considered evil works and were witchcraft. Thus they persecuted and killed.

Historians believe that cats were domesticated so quickly because of their ability to eliminate the pests, physical flexibility and unique behavior. In general, cats are totally independent, but they also live in families and groups. While the dogs to be with people, and require attention for people, cats perfectly do it alone. Felines are animals that do not require special emotional closeness and approval.

The cat we know today, and pets have certain characteristics ancestors. Some people do not like the behavior of cats and dogs instead pets. But there are some individuals to accurately assess the cat's independence and behavior, and we are pleased that such an animal at home. Cat owners and dog owners are completely different because they value their individuality per different characteristics.

This is not easy to train a cat, but it really is possible. There are cat show felines by where you can see amazing tricks. You can train your cat to follow basic commands and to come when called by name. Many experts believe that cats can be formed if they want to do cat owners and their pets can not do anything against his will.

Another difference between cats and other animals, agility, balance and strength. Felines triple jump height – something we humans do. You may have heard the old saying that a cat has nine lives. This saying comes from the cat's ability to avoid a variety of physical ailments. So, it is not surprising that felines are often able to escape unharmed various types of disasters.

Cats are unique because of their ability to see at night, your physical strength and flexibility and disability. In fact, cats do not pretend you do not care. The truth is, I really do not care. I may not love such indifferent attitude, but the cat does not care about this one, so you better accept it.

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The Pros and Cons of artificial grass for your pets

Just as our beloved pets deserve only the best. And when the 'play' needs, then it is time to upgrade the area known as the factory to a decent playground for them. Write artificial turf. Yes, this sounds too much, but believe me, if you have already installed and continues to play, I think we can be thankful that you read this piece.

In a more serious note, the factory installation of artificial turf is a daunting decision should be taken into consideration so many factors, cost, maintenance, appearance, durability, environmental effects, and "my dog ​​will be comfortable to play on it?" question. Before his back, the first measure in the pros and cons of why artificial turf is good for you and your pets.


There will never be worn down pets, especially dogs, can get a little rowdy at times, and sometimes eat parts of the factory. But artificial turf, then do not worry about it, because the plastic. Plus, Weather speaking, artificial turf does not get muddy stain summer or winter. No matter how you see artificial turf is to stay in the factory no matter what.

"Luxury" in the PET, because we want the best for your pet, you may also want to feel "luxury" (to put it mildly) the lushness of grass. Synthetic turf, they will not only feel good to play it themselves, but it also makes them feel active.

This low-maintenance artificial grass after installation, almost nothing of what you have to do there apart from playing with your pet, or admire the green factory. You do not need watering, fertilizer or mowing the lawn.

Durable your pets can run and play to your heart's content without the artificial turf mark he left on the surface, because it is made of very durable material and has been designed to withstand the activities of the pet.

this is a long-term, most of the synthetic turf, regardless of its purpose, up to a decade so, you will definitely get your money's worth.


initial cost may be too high, as mentioned above, installing artificial grass just a pet is a big decision, and stated that it does not come cheap. The initial cost of installing artificial grass can be large amounts in one go, so if you are a new couple, this is not for you … yet.

-time installation Just like Rome, installing artificial grass can not be done in just a day. Yes, this can be done, but it will not be a great quality. Good artificial grass is based on five days and two weeks of the factory makes it useless and messy.

health hazards, not only in the domestic but also the children. Do not forget to plastic, so you can really hot summers, but also that slippery when it rains cause the rain to fall robe and your family and pets.

Although it is very nice to look at, for artificial turf is not all. An artificial turf company in San Diego suggests homeowners to speak out to your family before you install your own backyard, it will be costly and some family members may not be ready to complete the transformation.

In the end, it's up to the homeowner to make the best decision not only pets, but also their families.

Source by Cory D Josue

Hydrogen peroxide dog bad breath

As children, almost everyone had a run-in with the hydrogen peroxide. Sometimes even adults still find the need for disinfectant. But were these specimens to clean ulcers and wounds that we have, while the game around. This was done to make sure that we were protected from nasty infections. So it is a bit paradoxical to hear a handy antiseptic used as a breath freshener. But many dog ​​owners use exactly cure the dog's bad breath problem.

If this trend continues, there is a high probability that our local pet shop tucked in the shelves of a dog bad breath HYDROGEN PEROXIDE brand names. But before anyone rushes to the nearest store this medication, it is better to study this compound better, or ask your vet about it. In this way, even better, if they ever seriously consider hydrogen peroxide as a dog breath home remedy.

First, what causes bad breath? Bad breath results when the concentration of anaerobic bacteria in the dog's mouth grows out of proportion because of poor hygiene. These anaerobic bacteria are usually found in the mouth of most animals, humans and dogs included. This is when the dog owners neglect to clean the dog's mouth regularly, these bacteria produce too much of a dog's mouth. That in itself is enough to convince any dog ​​owner to make sure that you regularly brush your dog's teeth with a pet toothpaste.

Second, how these bacteria are developing bad breath? It is quite simple really. Bacteria that it alone of the food particles to accumulate on the dog teeth and gums. Once this happens, the bacteria and release compounds that are primarily of sulfuric acid and then will mix with the air and results in bad breath.

Why do some dog owners use hydrogen peroxide to treat your dog's bad breath? Most dog owners appreciate that the compound to clear the dog's mouth is not because a wound that they cause bad breath in dogs. Rather, the material could be valuable for treating bad breath because it increases the concentration of oxygen in the mouth.

Anaerobic bacteria are unable to survive in an environment that is full of oxygen. Since hydrogen peroxide is filled with oxygen to avoid any excess bacteria succeed the dog's mouth. Then sulfuric compounds responsible for bad breath is removed from the dog's mouth. The result is a fresher air from the dog.

are very important, however, that only hydrogen peroxide, less than 1.5% concentration is used. This is not a case where a stronger concentration will for this purpose. In this case, if too much hydrogen peroxide is used, it will destroy the enamel of the teeth a good chance that the dental caries.

Are there any side effects? Yes! If unjustified, it causes vomiting in dogs. While this may not be a serious concern that there is still quite uncomfortable for the dog.

With this in mind, it is more appropriate to mouthwashes that can be easily mixed with the dog in the water. It is known to be safe and tolerable for the dog. So before anyone thinks of the dog's bad breath hydrogen peroxide pet, it would be advisable to use a product which is specifically for the purpose.

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Cats Home Remedies – How to keep your cat healthy and tonic Foods

perfect combination of

Tonic food and home remedies for cats. Tonic food energy foods that dispel the mental and physical lethargy. They will help your cat to recover from illness and keep it in optimal condition anyway. Some tonic foods can be fed regularly, while others may be granted only every now and again when the cat is sick, or as a treat.

Strong tonic cat foods include honey; Apple vinegar; herbs like parsley, stinging nettles, catnip, valerian, dandelion, wild garlic, clover, cress and feverfew; spices such as garlic, ginger and turmeric; couchgrass, seaweed, dried fruits, yogurt, yeast, oil, brown rice, whole wheat and lentils. This article describes how to prepare and use some of them.


Honey is not only good people, it is also excellent for cats. Honey heals and restores. It contains all the minerals and vitamins to sustain life in exactly the right amount of the cat's body. It gives vitality and renewed, yet it is also a natural sedative, disinfectant and clean energy as it protects the stomach.

When a cat is sick honey is a good tonic food production often. You can give your cat a little honey balls either plain or combined with finely minced herbs and a few drops of cider vinegar. To these less sticky, roll, the corn flour. At other times, you can feed a regular bullet.

apple cider vinegar

apple cider vinegar provides potassium which is essential for the proper functioning of all major organs of an acid-base. In this form of the potassium assimilated most of the cat's body.

apple cider vinegar gets rid of rheumatism and arthritis, when you honey. It sterilizes and kills the harmful bacteria in the digestive system and eliminates the dangerous acids in the kidneys, soothes the stomach and prevents heart disease and calms the nerves.

a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar diluted with water can be sprayed on food to feed every day. Do not put in the drinking water or milk. A few drops of honey makes it even better.


parsley, very finely chopped and mixed with meat, can also be incorporated into the cat's daily food. Nettle can stew. Simmer a few nettle tops five minutes before adding the food. Dandelion, watercress, wild garlic, clover and feverfew (all finely minced) should be fed a teaspoon at a time, to help the cat recover from illness.


turmeric helps digestion and relieve congestion, beats infections, inhibit tumors, prevents dysentery and joint inflammation, protect the liver, gallbladder and fighting for the heart and internal parasites. It fed once a week, watering very sparingly meat. If your cat does not like it, feed the same amount of warm milk.

Ginger has a warming effect and acts as an antiseptic. Add a little warm milk. Garlic has strong antibiotic and antiprotozoan. Microbs and other parasites will kill the cat stay healthy blood and cats systems and provides. Grate small amount of meat per day (no more than half a teaspoon a day). If your cat does not like it, hide it in the honey or cheese.

yogurt, yeast and oil


Plain yogurt recovery, and small amounts several times a week. Yeast superior promote healing. Feed a small amount of food every now and again. Sesame, corn and sunflower oil is good for cats. You are given half a teaspoon of meat several times a week.

Couchgrass and Kelp

Couchgrass a strong internal cleaning and a variety of minerals and trace elements your cat needs. If your cat is an outdoor cat you'll probably find on your own. Indoor cats add a teaspoon of chopped three teeth for a week.

Kelp is rich in iodine and a cleaning. Iodine balances the entire body. Give ¼ kelp tablets disguised strong-smelling foods daily.

Dried fruits

This may not be obvious food for cats, but one teaspoon of dried fruit can be fed twice a week in small pieces and mix with honey, oatmeal and a little cream . Most cats will love it. Make sure that your cat is drinking too much water these days, like fruits soak up fluid in the stomach.

Source by Monika Ruthe

Why Exotic Pets can not be prohibited

We all know how special interest groups to blow things up proportions -. "Exotic Pet Crisis" as a non-existent If you listened to some animal rights groups, then I think as exotic pets is cruel, dangerous, and even bordering on treason! Before you buy that agenda, consider that a high school student once made a convincing case for banning dihydrogen monoxide is a colorless, odorless, tasteless, killing thousands of people every year.

The highest number of deaths due to inhalation, but the dangers of dihydrogen monoxide do not end there. Prolonged exposure to its solid form causes severe tissue damage. The dihydrogen monoxide is known hydroxl acid, the main component of acid rain can cause severe burns contributes to soil erosion, may cause electrical failures and decreased effectiveness of automobile brakes, and found in excised tumors of cancer patients.

This report is 50 students, asking them what to do with the chemical. 43 students favored banning it, 6 were undecided and only one correctly recognized that 'dihydrogen monoxide' is actually H2O – plain old water. How gullible are at ?

Banning my cat makes about as much sense as banning yours – and the result is the same heartbreaking pet and owner. Are you ready for the truth about the "Exotic Pet Crisis?"

  • Exotic pets are not dangerous! One study showed that the risk of injury to exotic cat owners was less than the threat of injury to the domestic dog bites. And every person who drives a vehicle subject yourself and your family to a risk three times greater, not someone who has a large exotic cat than a tiger.
  • Most exotic pet owners kind, intelligent people who adore their animals and take care of them well. We love your pets as you love yours.
  • results in

  • Exotic animal bans beloved pets are confiscated, seized and are usually killed. A lucky few live their lives in cages under the care of strangers in zoos and sanctuaries. This is the dirty secret animal rights groups do not want you to know. Banning does not help animals: kill them!
  • Exotic cat ownership is already regulated by the US Department of Agriculture, the US Department of Interior, US Fish and Wildlife Service, CITES, the Animal Protection Act, the Endangered Species Act and the Lacey Act several city, county and state regulation than you can shake a stick at, as well as existing animal welfare and public safety laws that govern both exotic and domestic animals.
  • "You can buy a tiger on the Internet $ 100.00," research-averse activists proclaim horror. Just try to assign a tiger on the Internet, or even a serval. Will not succeed. The urban legend high repeatability cocktail parties and save the cute animals-from-evil-humans fundraisers, but sorely lacking in the reality department. Breeders have websites, but it is much more than a click of the mouse to purchase an exotic cat.

Source by Jessi Clark-White